Topman MKWii-1-

Diddy Kong battles a Spiky Topman on Galaxy Colosseum.

Galaxy Colosseum, also known as Galaxy Arena in Europe, is a battle stage in Mario Kart Wii. Unlike other battle courses, this battle course is only featured in tournaments and cannot be selected in battle mode. The entire course is a round platform found in outer space (similar to theme of Rainbow Road). Three tournaments have taken place on this battle course: one that took place between June 1st and June 10th of 2008, one between June 15th and 25th of 2009, and one in March 2010. In the first tournament (June 1st to June 10th 2008), players had to knock a Spiky Topman off the course using only Triple Mushrooms. One Mushroom boost could knock the Topman away. In the second tournament (June 15th to 25th 2009), it was exactly the same as the previous tournament except the outer rings of the course broke off and players had to send six Spiky Topmen off stage. The final tournament (March 2010) is similar to the 2009 tournament, however, some Spiky Topmen would run away from the player. Also, any KartBike or control scheme could be used to battle them. The number of Spiky Topmen to knock off stage was six, again. It is to note that the stage's size differed between all three of its appearances. 

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