A Gamyga blocking Pit's path.

Gamyga-1- (2)

A Gamyga about to shoot its giant lasers.

A Gamyga is a tall enemy of The Subspace Emissary. It sits on four yellow bases and has a clown like mask. Gamygas are rare enemies only appearing in The Path to the Ruins, The Wilds, Outside the Ancient Ruins, Subspace 2, and The Forest and The Ruined Zoo parts of The Great Maze. When you approach it, it forces you to defeat it since it blocks the path and shoots giant lasers at players after a while. It is harder to defeat it on intense since it shoots lasers rapidly. It is stunned when hit on the mask so focus on hitting the mask. Hitting the mask destroys the whole enemy after a few hits. Upon capture, the Gamyga health not only must be low, but also all the bases must be defeated and the mask must be on the ground. You can then throw the trophy stand. Unlike other enemies, IT IS BEST TO CAPTURE GAMYGA ON EASY MODE.

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