A Gearmo.


A Blue Gearmo and a yellow one in the distance.

Gearmos are characters in Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2. They are robot allies who appear in industrialized galaxies where they aid in maintenance and upkeep. In Super Mario Galaxy, most Gearmos live in the Toy Time Galaxy. Other Gearmos can be found in the Buoy Base Galaxy, Battlerock Galaxy, Dreadnought Galaxy, and Grand Finale Galaxy. A green Gearmo controls the Engine Room. Two Gearmos holding magnets attached to metal sticks also appear. They appear during the minigame, Bob-omb Blasting in the Battlerock and Dreadnought Galaxies. They are in charge of keeping the ammo depots clean. They ask Mario to help them by throwing Bob-ombs at the garbage in exchange for Power Stars. Both of these Gearmos are green; possibly they are the same character. Gearmos return in the Super Mario Galaxy 2, behaving the same way they did in Super Mario Galaxy. This time they are workers in the Chompworks Galaxy. They also make small appearances in other galaxies. When special missions are completed in the Boulder Bowl Galaxy and Space Storm Galaxy, a Gold Gearmo and a Silver Gearmo join Mario on Starship Mario. They give him a 1up Mushroom when talked to. Gearmos are irritable neat freaks. You can tell this for sure when playing the minigame, Bob-omb Blasting. The Gearmo with the magnet in Bob-omb Blasting gets furious if Mario does not complete the challenge. Another gets angry at Mario because Mario destroyed a giant weight holding a tower. Another Gearmo warns Mario not to let it catch him littering. Gearmos have large gears behind their backs. When jumped on they fall off, but the Gearmos still are able to move. That means the gear has no real purpose. Gearmos could be living beings instead of robots. Gearmos could be made of iron, as if gets zero Purple Coins in the Battlerock Galaxy, she refers to herself as "this old iron lady".

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