Ghost Valley 2. It is filled with Boos.

Ghost Valley 2 is a course in Mario Kart Wii. It is a dark and creepy place filled with nothing but Boos. It appears to be up in the sky. It is easy to fall off this stage making the use of Golden Mushrooms difficult. By hitting the white blocks causes them to fall, making it even easier to fall off. This course is filled with mostly right turns. The Boos cannot hurt you. They appear out of nowhere and fly around. Use a Mushroom, Starman, Golden Mushroom and other items with caution. This course appears to be at night in a forest. Starting off with this course, are a few right turns. They're very few boost pads in this course, since it is so easy to fall off the course, having to be rescued by Lakitu. Try powersliding, drifting, and other ways to avoid falling. Ghost Valley 2 is a quite small course but has many turns. The only straight path is the one with the finish line. While racing take this course with caution. Good Luck!

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