Ghost house stand-1-
Ghost Vases are obstacles/enemies in New Super Mario Bros. Wii. They are floating vases found in Ghost Houses. At first they stand like normal vases. BUT! When the player nears the Ghost Vase it turns a purplish-pink, as shown in the picture, and fly into the air. It eventually stops and rotates faster. After this, it flies toward the player. If it succeeds in hitting the player, the player will take damage. The player can avoid the Ghost Vase by simply jumping over it or running away from it. If the Ghost Vase misses its target, it will continue to fly until it hits
a platform or wall where it breaks and releases a Coin. Ghost Vases are found mainly in the World 3 Ghost House and the World 4 Ghost House, however, not all Ghost Vases act like this; others act as if they are for decoration.

Ghost Question Blocks

NSMB Wii Ghost Question Blocks

The four Ghost Question Blocks turning purple and rotating.

NSMB Wii Ghost Question Blocks 2

Mario collects the third Star Coin while the four Ghost Question Blocks prepare to attack him.

In the World 7 Ghost House, near the last Star Coin, the player will come across four Question Blocks that behave similar to Ghost Vases. The difference, however, between them is that they (plus the Ghost Vase found in the same area) rotate and dash towards the player's direction much faster than any other Ghost Vase found in the previous Ghost Houses. They can also damage the player if they collide into him. 

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