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Giga Lakitu.

Giga Lakitu, also known as King Lakitu, is a boss in Super Mario Galaxy 2. He is fought in the Yoshi Star Galaxy's in the mission "Spiny Control". He is an obese Lakitu who rides a purple cloud with yellow eyes and a smile. He has a blue shell, yellow crown and wears a pair of glasses along with a red and white ruff around his neck. Giga Lakitu mainly attacks like a normal Lakitu-by throwing Spinies. Mario needs Yoshi for the battle. However, there is a Yoshi Egg in that area. After Giga Lakitu throws a Spiny, Mario will need Yoshi to eat it. After the Spiny has been eaten, Yoshi must spit it out back at Giga Lakitu. After being hit, he throws even more Spinies and moves at a faster pace. After being hit again, he unleashes a new attack. He grows larger and moves around, while releasing lightning from underneath his cloud. This attack instantly defeats Yoshi, so you must be careful. After he is done with the attack, he throws more Spinies. After being hit again, he is knocked back and falls through his cloud. Mario is granted a Power Star afte this. Giga Lakitu can be stunned by shooting a Star Bit from the Star Cursor at him.
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Mario, Yoshi and Giga Lakitu.

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