This is a picture of a Gigatzo firing its giant ball of fire in Nutty Noon of Kirby's Return to Dream Land. Look how big that ball of fire is!

Gigatzos are enemies in Kirby's Return to Dream Land. They are humongous black cannons that sit on a pink stand. Gigatzos appear to be a sub-species of Shotzos (Shotzos also appear in the game as well), along with Coldtzos and Volttzos. Out of the other two Shotzo sub-species, Gigatzos tend to resemble Shotzos the most. Anyway, Gigatzos can be encountered in many levels. They attack by just firing gigantic balls of fire constantly. These balls of fire are so huge, they seem to be bigger than the cannons themselves! Just look at the picture above! That ball of fire is huge! Anyway, Gigatzos' balls of fire cannot be defeated or Inhaled, so they must be avoided, otherwise whoever hero (KirbyMeta KnightKing DededeBandana Waddle Dee) touches one will take damage. Also Gigatzo's balls of fire only travel in the direction they were fired. Gigatzos, much like Shotzos, Volttzos and Coldtzos, cannot be defeated unless they are dropped into a bit. However, some are in the background, making them completely invincible to all attacks. Gigatzos also cannot be Inhaled. Gigatzos also appear in the Wing challenge of the game. It is to note that Gigatzo's name comes from the word "giga" and "Shotzo". 

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