Glamdozer is a boss in Super Mario Galaxy 2. She is fought in the Flipsville Galaxy. She is a large, obese Pupdozer with pink skin on her top half, and yellow skin on her underside. She wears a crown, has angry eyes, puffy cheeks, pink lips, purple claws, and blue eyeshadow. To defeat her, Mario must flip to the underside of the boss arena, and nail the sleeping boss with a ground pound through the central gate. This will get her attention. Then Mario must return to the underside of the stage and try to hit her again. If Glamdozer isn't standing over a gate, Mario must stand on the nearest gate, and wait while she charges at Mario. Glamdozer can also fire flaming orbs that can get caught in the gates, making it impossible for Mario to flip it. Glamdozer can also chase to Mario to the other side of the arena. After Glamdozer is defeated, a Power Star appears.
Flip Glamdozer-1-

Mario flips Glamdozer.


Glamdozer sleeping.

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