Glass Joe is the first opponent you have just face, and is also the easiest opponent. At Title Defense, Glass Joe have a head-wear, which means if you jab him, he won't get damage.

Challenges Strategy 1

You can pass the first and the second challenge in one go, the first challenge is to knock down Glass Joe three times then let he win by decision. The second challenge is to find Glass Joe's OHKD (One hit knock down)'s weak spot.

  • First, use any way to knock down Glass Joe twice in Round 1.
  • Then, let he knock down you at least once in Round 1.
  • After that, dooge all his attack, until he say 'Long Live France!'(He speaks in French), then left or right jab him before he throws out the uppercut. You'll complete challenge two.
  • Next, he needs to knock down you twice, so let he hit you, after you've knock down twice, let he hit you until your HP is lower than his.
  • Finally at round three, just dooge the rest of the match, and you'll clear the challenge.

The third challenge is win the fight without blocking, dooging or ducking a punch. For the third challenge, it might be hard, but you can do 25-30 seconds defeat Glass Joe is the easiest way.

  • First, start with jabs, but only throw three punches
  • Then low punch, also, three punches only.*
  • After that, *repeat.(You should get 1-3 star(s))
  • Finally, wait until he speaks 'Long live France!', then star punch him and you'll complete the challenge.

Challenges Strategy 2

This is the Titile Defense Glass Joe Challenges. You can do first and third challenge together, the first challenge is to win the fight without missing any of punch. The third challenge is to defeat Glass Joe only 4 punches.

  • First, counter any of 2 or 3 attacks (to earn 2 or 3 stars)
  • Then, depend on you, if you earn 2 stars, follow below:
    • At 2:09- 2:10, he will do a taunt, you can earn star from his taunt.
  • If you earn 3 star, follow below:
    • Although he does taunt, don't punch or you'll defeat him with 5 punches.
  • Finally, 1:59-2:00, 'Long live France!', star punch him to defeat him with only 4 punches.

The second challenge is to land 50 jabs, the fight might drags to round 2 because round 1 you can only land 48 or 49 jabs. But you need to know how to knock his head-wear off his face, so I'll tell you below.

  • Need a star, don't have two or three star, use a star and you'll knock his head-wear off his face and land 4-5 jabs a time.

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