Brawlemissary glice-1-

A Glice.


A Glice opening.

A Glice is a tire like enemy in The Subspace Emissary. It has one small eye in the middle of that tire. It rolls around on ceilings and floors like Glires and Glunders. Glice appears in the Research Facility 2, The Glacial Peak, Subspace, and The Glacial Peak and Battlefield Fortress parts of The Great Maze. When a player touches it, it opens and freezes the player into a block of ice. It can be annoying and more difficult on intense because it moves faster, and if you break free you might be frozen again! You can break free faster by moving the control stick back and forth. However you might be frozen again. Some Glices roll on platforms that you must jump (if you fall you'd get Koed) on. Glices, especially on intense, can freeze you if you touch it on the right edge of the platform (on the left you inside the frozen iceberg will still be on the platform). You will fall and get Koed if you can't recover. Upon capture it is best to capture (just like Glire and Glunder) it from far. Move far away from the right edge of the screen (it is best if you are on the left side) so you can see when Glice is coming. Before it freezes you throw the trophy stand at it (Glice must be on the ground). Glices are weak and can be defeated with a smash attack, so you can capture it by throwing the trophy stand.

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