Brawlemissary glire-1-

A Glire.


A Glire rolling up.

A Glire is an enemy of The Subspace Emissary. It looks like a one eyed tire. Glires appear in The Path to the Ruins, The Cave, The Ruins, The Canyon, Battleship Halberd Interior, Subspace 2, and The Path to the Ruins (underground) parts of The Great Maze. Like Glice and Glunder it rolls along ceilings and floors. When touched it will open up and spout out fire. This attack is similar to a Flame Jyk's attack but Glire can be defeated unlike Jyk. Glires have a red part surrounding their eye in the middle of their tire like body. Like Glice and Glunder you can capture Glire by just throwing the trophy stand even on intense, but first move to the left side of the screen (or whatever side he appears and rolls to) so you can see when it's coming. When it appears on the ground quickly throw the trophy stand. Congratulations! A new trophy to look at!

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