Brawlemissary glunder-1-

A Glunder.


A Glunder rolling left.

Glunders are tire-like enemies in The Subspace Emissary. They have one eye in the middle of the tire. Like Glires and Glices they roll on ceilings and floors. When touched they open up and spout out electricity. Glunders are yellow, Glires are red and Glices are blue. Out of all three Glunders appear first, the Glires, then Glices. Glunders appear in Skyworld, Sea of Clouds, The Plain, The Ruined Zoo, Research Facility, Subspace Bomb Factory, and the Skyworld part of The Great Maze. Whatever way you captured Glire and Glice you can capture Glunder. Move to the opposite side Glunder is rolling so you can see when it appears. Quickly, when it's on the ground throw the trophy stand before you get electrocuted.

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