Gobblegut is a boss in Super Mario Galaxy 2. He is a dragon who lives on a small planet in Bowser Jr.'s Fiery Flotilla. He appears in the mission "Gobblegut's Aching Belly" where he burrows in and emerges out of the planet. Gobblegut looks like a large, serpentine dragon. He has a row of red ulcers growing from his body. His scales have beautiful, swirly designs. His underside lacks any scales, showing his pink skin. He has a few, jagged rocks on his head and a large, bulbous cheek and chin. His chin has numerous scars on it, probably because he slams his chin in the solid rock. Gobblecut circles the planet, and eventually swoops down and crunches down on the surface of the planet, in hopes of attacking Mario. When he blows his train whistle, he dives down and tunnels right through the middle of the planet, exposing his bellyache bulges. The six bulges surrounding Gobblegut's belly can be damaged when Mario uses his spinning attack on them. However, Mario can only do this when his bulges get stuck in the ground while tunneling. After three hits, Gobblegut gets angrier and moves faster. After the last bellyache bulge is damaged, Gobblegut slows down, burps, and explodes. He then releases a Grand Star. Gobblegut is fought again by a Speedy Comet, which Mario must defeat the boss within a time limit. However, there is a Fire Gobblegut fought later.

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