DKCR-Golden Banana

The Golden Banana, as it appears beneath the fists of two golden, DK-like statues.

The Golden Banana is a special type of Banana that appears in Donkey Kong Country Returns. Hence, the name it is a golden-colored Banana, however, it tends to be much larger than a regular Banana. During the game while leaving Cranky Kong's Shop, Cranky Kong sometimes talks about a Golden Banana that takes one to another dimension. After entering the Golden Temple, after collecting all eight Rare Orbs and defeating Tiki Tong, the Kongs (Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong) are amazed to find a giant golden Banana inside the temple. It is found beneath the fists of two, golden, Donkey Kong (DK)-like statues. So impressed with the sight of a giant golden Banana, the Kongs run up the steps to the Banana and bring it down to them. Soon, they are even more impressed after DK peels off the skin of the Banana, which has a bright light in it (no, it's not bright enough for you to cover your eyes). After tasting a bit of the Banana, the Kongs' skin lights up, and they are then transported into the rest of the Golden Temple. Even though the Golden Banana is not necessarily an item, it still helps the Kongs, for it is the only way for the heroes to actually enter the Golden Temple's hidden secret. So is it an item? Yes.

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