Gooper Blooper.


Gooper Blooper in Mario Super Sluggers.

Gooper Blooper is a boss in Super Mario Sunshine. He also appears as a hazard in Mario Super Sluggers. He is a giant Blooper with 4 tentacles. In Super Mario Sunshine, Gooper Blooper appeared three times, 2 in Ricco Harbor, one in Noki Bay. The player must pull of his tentacles, and then pull the cork in his mouth. After that the player must repeat the process and pull his mouth that slaps back to him, defeating the boss. In Mario Super Sluggers, Gooper Blooper is a hazard. He appears during the minigame, Blooper Baserun. The player must dodge his tentacles and collect coins. He also appears on the Daisy Cruiser at night and will tilt the cruiser to one side. Gooper Blooper seems to be bigger in this game than in Super Mario Sunshine.

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