A Grab is an attack that allows you to grab hold of opponents. When you've successfully grabbed the opponent, two controls can be used. If you press the attack button you will attack them. If you press the control stick upwards, downwards, or to the sides, you will throw them in that direction. This is called a Grab and Throw. It is possible to do both controls. Some characters grabs are extremely powerful and can KO if you play a mode such as All-Star Mode, or if you've set the Damage Ratio to 2.0. The best time to use a grab is if you are near a Blast line. You can then grab and throw tthe opponent and easily KO them if you throw them into the Blast line. The best time to grab an opponent is if you and the opponent are standing next to each other. CPUs do that a lot so watch out. Some characters such as Mario, Luigi and Bowser grab quickly. Others like Link, Samus and Sheik take a while to put up their tether. Some grabs can be used for recovery to recover from far. This is called a tether recovery
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Ike grabbing Link.

. When you grab an opponent you must be quick at attacking and throw them or they will let themselves free. If you get grabbed move the control stick back and forth and you will set yourself free. You must be quick or the opponent will attack and throw you.

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