640px-Bowser's Dark Matter Plant

The four types of Gravity Walls as they appear in Bowser's Dark Matter Plant of Super Mario Galaxy.

Gravity Walls are obstacles in Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2. They are walls that have the ability to control Gravity. They will pull Mario or Luigi in the direction the arrows on the wall are pointing. The arrows (and walls) come in four colors: Blue (pointing downwards), Red / Pink (pointing upwards), Green (pointing to the right), and Grey / Purple (pointing to the left). As soon as Mario/Luigi enters the area with arrows and painted walls, they are immediately pulled towards the object or obstacle the arrows are pointing to. Sometimes, the arrows on Gravity Walls can be changed if Mario/Luigi finds an area and Spins (or shoots a Star Bit at via the Star Cursor)  it. Gravity Walls are extremely common obstacles and appear in many galaxies in both games. However, their most prominent appearance is in Bowser's Dark Matter Plant, where they act as the main obstacle and can pull Mario/Luigi into Dark Matter if one is on the wrong side of a moving platform. The Rightside Down Galaxy and Upside Dizzy Galaxy also feature Gravity Walls as their main elements. Gravity Walls appear in 2D side-scroller sections in both games however.


Super Mario Galaxy

Super Mario Galaxy 2


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