A Greap is a giant and dangerous enemy in The Subspace Emissary. It looks like a pot on wheels with a red head and baby carriage- like handle. It has two scythes as arms. Greaps
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a Greap about to attack Pit.

appear in Skyworld, Sea of Clouds, The Battlefield Fortress, The Lake Shore, The Wilds 2, Battleship Halberd Exterior, Entrance to Subspace, and the Skyworld part of The Great Maze. When it is close to the player it will put both scythes into the ground. This attack has high upwards knockback. If you roll before it swings the scythes in the ground you can hit it with a smash attack as for it takes a while to pull the scythes out the ground. If you jump over it, it will swing both scythes in the air with a small jump. It's weak spot is its small read head. Greap has high health even on easy however, not as much as on intense. Capturing a Greap is not easy. If you dodge the Greap's attacks (its health must be low or this will not work) you can capture it.


  • Strangely, the Greap in the Battleship Halberd Exterior only uses the 2nd attack (swing both scythes in the air) even if the player is not above it.

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