Gringill SMG-1-

A Gringill in Super Mario Galaxy.


Two Gringills above Luigi in the Slimy Spring Galaxy of Super Mario Galaxy 2.

A Gringill is an enemy that appears in Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2. There are large, orange or lavender eel-like enemies with large eyes and teeth. They first appear in the Beach Bowl Galaxy, and later in the Drip Drop Galaxy, Sea Slide Galaxy, Bigmouth Galaxy, and Deep Dark Galaxy. Gringills try to simply eat the player. They can be defeated with a Koopa Shell while underwater. Gringills may be a sub-species of a Unagi. Some Gringills appear in caves, and come out a small distance when Mario or Luigi get close. Gringills appear in the Cosmic Cove Galaxy, Slimy Spring Galaxy, and Starshine Beach Galaxy of Super Mario Galaxy 2 behaving the same way they did in Super Mario Galaxy.

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