FileGrizzo Yarn

This is a picture of a Grizzo in Kirby's Epic Yarn.

Grizzos are enemies that appear in Kirby's Epic Yarn. They are large, bear-like creatures who have yellow fur, a pink headband on their heads, brown feet, and two pink markings on their back. Grizzos are fairly rare in the game, however, they do make an appearance in Whispy's Forest, a level in Dream Land (the last world in the game), which is a level where some quite uncommon enemies appear such as Shotzos and Twiggy Woods. Grizzos attack Kirby or Prince Fluff by charging wildly at them. If they hit the heroes, the heroes will lose Beads. Grizzos are very strong enemies in both offense and defense. They take two hits with normal yarn projectiles to be defeated. Another thing is that when attacked or defeated, they do not heal or respawn if Kirby has to walk away from their area and come back, much like with any other large enemies. Just so you know, Grizzos are fairly big enemies and are bigger than most other enemies on land found in the game.


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