800px-Grumble Volcano-1-

Grumble Volcano.


Bowser using a boost in Grumble Volcano. Look at that lava!


Dry Bowser going through the hexagon tunnel.


A tunnel with a lava waterfall in view. Try not to fall off!

Grumble Volcano is a course in Mario Kart Wii. It is based during a volcanic eruption. Crumbling roads, Podoboos, lava and more can be found on this course. Podoboos spin the character when touched. Either the sky is dark because of the eruption, or the course takes place at dusk. Roads start crumbling after you exceed your second lap. That means you'd have to move from one side to the other to avoid it. During the beginning of the race there is a straightaway. The road is full, no signs of crunmbling road. After that there is a small tunnel. This tunnel leads inside the volcano. A giant lava waterfall (like Niagara Falls, this time made of lava) is in the background. After the player turns left, he will move onto some moving platforms. You must avoid falling into the lava, having to be rescued by Lakitu, which wastes time. It is easy to fall off the moving platforms if not careful. The moving platforms move from left to right. After that, the player will enter a tunnel with hexagons as walls. You cannot go through the walls. There are two paths to take, but both lead to the same road. The paths turn right then left. The left path is, however, higher than the right path making a difference. After that "hexagonal tunnel" you'll find more moving platforms, this time, outside the volcano. You must try avoiding falling into the lava, because not all move at the same time. After that there are two roads (as seen in the picture right) one being higher than the other (its the left one again!). Use the Boost Pads to dodge the incoming Podoboos. After the two paths merge again, you'll have danger of hitting the Podoboos, coming from the volcano in the background. The paths split again! So many splits! Enough Already!! They split after a right turn. The Boost Pad, this time is on the right path, not the left. After the curve there are even more Podoboos! There are ramp that you can perform amazing tricks to show your audience (it's a joke, there are no people watching you). Two paths split again!! They reappear later on, however. Both paths have sharp turns. After that is the area where the paths meet. Go straight and cross the finish line. Congratulations! You're ready for your second lap! Here's a warning however. Roads will crumble and fall. You must have caution, to avoid being rescued by Lakitu.

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