Guppy is a character in Super Mario Galaxy. He is an orca whale who appears in a few levels. Guppy is always smiling. In two missions, Guppy takes over a large body. To take it back, Mario must go through eight rings within a time limit. If Mario succeeds, Guppy will give him a Power Star. Guppy is a harmless character, he won't ever attack Mario although he is considered a bully by the Penguins and Toads. If Mario touches Guppy, he bounces back on the ground, but does not take damage. Guppy appears in the Sea Slide Galaxy and the Deep Dark Galaxy. After beating him in the Sea Slide Galaxy, Guppy becomes more friendly. He helps the Toads look for Silver Stars and Purple Coins during those missions. If Mario touches Guppy's tail fin, he acts as if he was hit by an enemy, but he doesn't take damage. Guppy was originally going to be a dolphin, but the developers made him an orca whale.

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