Gusty Garden Galaxy-1-

The Gusty Garden Galaxy.

The Gusty Garden Galaxy is a galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy. It is a garden-like galaxy that has many grassy planetoids. The player can travel to many of the planetoids by grabbing onto one of the dandelion-like Floaty Fluffs and then Spin. There are also planets that resemble apples in this galaxy. The boss of this galaxy is Major Burrows. To unlock this galaxy get 24 Power Stars.


Starting Planet

Starting Planet8-1-

Mario on the Starting Planet.

This planet has two sides. On the top, there are some Floaty Fluffs, and an Item Crystal filled with Star Bits. On the bottom there are Goombas, rocks and Spiky Plants.

Stone Pieces Planet

Stone Pieces Planet-1-

Mario on the Stone Pieces Planet.

This planet has several pieces of stone architecture on it such as a pillar, steps and a pestal. It is much like the Starting Planet except that it has a pipe leading to the inside. Here (inside the planet), there is a Question Coin that makes Star Bits appear. Later in the game, Spiky Plants, a Question Coin and a Rainbow Star will be filled in the inside of this planet.

Flat Planets

Gusty Garden Galaxy Flat Planets

This picture shows many Flat Planets.

These are several flat planets. They have different sizes, but the same bean-like form. They are mostly inhabited by Piranha Plants and flying insects. Mario travels between them with vines. Mario can get a high score during the second flat planet, by first going to the big Piranha's planet (with a 1up) and going to the last planet. Then from the last planet, triple jump, Spin, then land on the 4th flat planet's gravity.

Curve Planet

Gusty Garden Galaxy Curve Planet

Mario nears some Piranha Plants on the Curve Planet. Notice how its left side is curving.

This planet is shaped in the form of a curve that twists to the left. Mario can go to the bottom without falling into a Black Hole. There are Piranha Plants and Rocky Wrenches here in this planet.

Puzzle Cube


Mario on the Puzzle Cube.

This planet is shaped like a cube (hense the name). It's designs resemble puzzle pieces. It has different kinds of obstacles on each side such as labyrinth, a fountain, and a grassy place with a hidden tunnel. Mario has to catch a Star Bunny to get a Power Star here. The Puzzle Cube is also where "Purple Coins on the Puzzle Cube" takes place.

Question Mark Planets


The Question Mark Planets.

These planets form an aerial question mark. There is a top and bottom. The first part only contains an Undergrunt and is the dot of the question mark. The second part (the body) is much bigger. On this planet there are three Undergrunts which Mario must defeat to progress through the galaxy.

Metallic Planet

Metallic Planet-1-

The Metallic Planet.

This planet can be accessed by being latched to a Pull Star after being launched from a Launch Star. This planet is filled with spiky vines that force Mario to follow a path while collecting Coins and Star Bits.

Apple Planets

640px-Apple planets-1-

The Apple Planets.

These planets are three giant apples. Two are red and one is green. Several Wigglers and a giant green worm live on these planets. The player must Ground Pound on the right tree stubs in order to allow the worm to travel through the apples. Finally the worm leads the player to a Launch Star.

Thorn Planet

Thorn Planet-1-

The Thorn Planet.

The Thorn Planet is a tiny planet with a thorny vine that surrounds and digs into the planet. There is a Life Shroom on this planet.

Major Burrows Planet


Mario on the Major Burrows Planet fighting Major Burrows.

This is a small dirt planet with an enormous tree growing on it. This is home to Major Burrows, some Spiky Plants and a Star Bunny. When Mario gets here, he finds Major Burrows tearing up the soil and chasing the Star Bunny. Mario must defeat Major Burrows to get the planet's Power Star.

Golden Chomp Planet

Golden Chomp Planet-1-

Mario on the Golden Chomp Planet.

This planet is a bundle of grass spheres that are connected with Spiky Plants and Boulders. There is one Golden Chomp on this planet that contains a Power Star and lives here. Mario must find a Rainbow Star and touch the Golden Chomp to release the Power Star.

Disk Planets

Disk Planets-1-

The Disk Planets.

These are three floating disks with a pole stuck through each one. The pole resembles a nail (tool nails). The first one is yellow, the second is blue, and the third is green. These have five, blue Star Chips that Mario must collect to advance through the rest of the galaxy. However, Mario must watch out for the electric orb.

! and ? Planets


The ! and ? Planets.

These five planets are a collection of boxes that turn green with a ? or yellow with a red ! depending on the gravity. They have several cannons and a Power Star at the end.


Bunnies in the Wind

To complete this level, Mario must use Floaty Fluffs to fly through the wind around the galaxy landing on planets until he reaches a planet shaped like a cube. On this planet he must catch a Star Bunny running away for the Power Star.


Planets Visited

  • Starting Planet
  • Stone Pieces Planet
  • Flat Planets
  • Curve Planet
  • Puzzle Cube
  • Question Mark Planets
  • Metallic Planet
  • Apple Planets
  • Thorn Planet
  • Disk Planets

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The Dirty Tricks of Major Burrows

Mario must travel around the galaxy until he reaches Major Burrows Planet. Here Major Burrows is chasing a Star Bunny. The player must Ground Pound to stun him then Spin to make him lose one life. Then the fight starts. Mario must repeat the process two more times to defeat Major Burrows.


Planets Visited

  • Starting Planet
  • Stone Pieces Planet
  • Flat Planets
  • Curve Planet
  • Major Burrows Planet
  • Disk Planets

Gallery for The Dirty Tricks of Major Burrows

Gusty Garden's Gravity Scramble

First, the player must use a Floaty Fluff and float to the Curve Planet. Then the player must use three Floaty Fluffs to get to the next planet. Then the player must use a couple of vines to get to a Launch Star that leads Mario to the Apple Planets. You must then navigate through these planets to get to a Launch Star that blasts Mario to the Disk Planets. Mario must go to the underside of the first disk and get the first Star Chip, then spin next to the blue screw. You must then climb the nail and jump to the next discs Once Mario collected all Star Chips the Launch Star appears on the green disk. Then Mario lands on the ! and ? Planets. Mario must get to the Gravity Arrow and Spin close to it to adjust the gravity and get to the next part. The player must repeat the process at the next Gravity Arrow. At the planet after that, you must attack another arrow. In the final area, Mario must avoid the Cannonballs and reach the Power Star at the end.


Planets Visited

  • Starting Planet
  • Metallic Planet
  • Apple Planets
  • Disk Planets
  • ! and ? Planets

Gallery for Gusty Garden's Gravity Scramble

Major Burrows' Daredevil Run

This is a replay of "The Dirty Tricks of Major Burrows" except that Mario must defeat Major Burrows with one wedge of health. This is becase of the Daredevil Comet.


Planets Visited

  • Major Burrows Planet

Gallery for Major Burrows' Daredevil Run

Purple Coins on the Puzzle Cube

The player is timed in this mission, where he must collect 100 Purple Coins. Hense the name, the mission takes place on the Puzzle Cube. There are 150 Purple Coins and a time limit of 2 minutes, 30 seconds.


  • None

Planets Visited

  • Puzzle Cube

Gallery for Purple Coins on the Puzzle Cube

The Golden Chomp

The player must reach the Golden Chomp Planet and get the Rainbow Star. It's not so simple, as Mario must collect all Question Coins in the air, then quickly launch himself with the help of the Launch Star. Here Mario must touch the Golden Chomp's head to defeat it and release the Power Star.


Planets Visited

  • Starting Planet
  • Stone Pieces Planet
  • Flat Planets
  • Curve Planet
  • Golden Chomp Planet

Gallery for The Golden Chomp

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