Heavy Para-Beetle Side View-1-

The official artwork of a Heavy Para-Beetle from the side view in New Super Mario Bros. Wii.


Two Heavy Para-Beetles along with their smaller cousins in World 7-6.

Heavy Para-Beetles are enemies in New Super Mario Bros. Wii. They are larger sub-species of Para-Beetles. They are also sub-species of Buzzy Beetles. They appear, along with their smaller cousins, Para-Beetles, in World 7-6. Like Para-Beetles, they appear as platforms to stand on in this level. Even though they are three times the size of normal Para-Beetles, Heavy Para-Beetles cannot stand the weight of the player and begin to descend when stepped on, unlike Para-Beetles who rise. Like normal Para-Beetles, they can only be defeated bu running into them with a Starman. Heavy Para-Beetles, like Para-Beetles, don't damage the player unless the player touches their heads or behinds. Touching any of these parts causes the player to lose a form or die if in small form. Like with other Para-Beetles, if the player jumps on them repeatedly without stopping and touching the ground, 1-Up Mushrooms will fall from the sky to collect.


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