Honey Walls are obstacles in Super Mario Galaxy.
188px-Honey Wall-1-

The Honey Wall.

They are walls that Bee Mario or Bee Luigi can climb. To climb these, you must get a Bee Mushroom, then climb them. Honey Walls are found in four galaxies- The Honeyhive Galaxy, The Honeyclimb Galaxy, The Gold Leaf Galaxy, and The Sand Spiral Galaxy. Only one loose Honey Wall is found in The Sand Spiral Galaxy. Honey Walls are vertical walls made of Honey. Bee Mario and Bee Luigi can stick to it. Every now and then, you must fly to different parts of the wall. Honey Walls do look like flat hives instead of walls made of Honey. Moving groups of Honey, Mandibugs, even falling meteors. Do not ground pound on a Honey Wall; you will fall to your doom, and must restart the level.

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