Honeyclimb Galaxy-1-

The Honeyclimb Galaxy.

The Honeyclimb Galaxy (not to be confused with the Honeyhive Galaxy) is a galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy. Unlike the Honeyhive Galaxy, the galaxy is made entirely out of Honey Walls which contains giant floating Honey Walls. To unlock this galaxy, get 42 Power Stars.


Honeycomb Wall Planet-

Honey Wall-1-

The Honeycomb Wall Planet 1

This planet is a gigantic Honey Wall which Mario starts on in the Honeyclimb Galaxy. There is a Bee Mushroom in an Item Crystal which turns Mario or Luigi into Bee Mario/Bee Luigi. Bee Mario/Bee Luigi must climb up the Honey Wall up to where the Launch Star is. The Launch Star leads Mario/Luigi to the Second Honeycomb Wall Planet. This planet has many Star Bits and almost halfway up there is a moving platform which Mario must time right to land on.

Second Honeycomb Wall Planet-

Second Honey Wall-1-

Some Meteors falling in the Second Honeycomb Wall Planet.

The Second Honeycomb Wall Planet is the second Honey Wall to appear in this galaxy. It can be reached by using the Launch Star in the Honeycomb Wall Planet. The basic idea of the Honeycomb Wall Planet continues on this planet where there are multiple Honey Walls that Mario must scale to the Launch Star on the top. The Launch Star leads to the Third Honeycomb Wall Planet. The only difference between the first Honeycomb Wall Planet is that there are several Meteors coming down from above which Mario must either avoid or fly above to keep safe.

Third Honeycomb Wall Planet-

Third Honey Wall-1-

The Third Honeycomb Wall Planet.

This is the third and final planet visited in the Honeyclimb Galaxy. It is just like the other two planets, but has no Launch Star at the top and the Meteors are replaced with Mandibugs. The Mandibugs are stationed at some intervals along the wall, and try to hit Mario and knock him off the wall. At the very top of this planet, is a Power Star.


Scaling the Sticky Wall-


Mario during "Scaling the Sticky Wall".

Mario must turn into Bee Mario and climb up the Honeycomb Wall Planet until he reaches the Launch Star. That Launch Star takes Mario to the Second Honeycomb Wall Planet which has several Meteors falling from the sky. The only way to avoid most of these Meteors is to fly above them, and the others can be run through during the small amount of time between the Meteors. Finally the Third Honeycomb Wall Planet has no Meteors, but there are Mandibugs stationed off of the path, which will charge at Mario. Mario can Ground Pound them to destroy them, but he must avoid falling. At the very top of the wall there is a Power Star that makes Mario win the level and complete the galaxy. There are many Star Bits along the level that Mario can collect.


  • Mandibugs

Planets Visited-

  • Honeycomb Wall Planet
  • Second Honeycomb Wall Planet
  • Third Honeycomb Wall Planet

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