Honeyhive Galaxy-1-

The Honeyhive Galaxy.

The Honeyhive Galaxy is a galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy. It is filled with flowers, Honey Walls, and the friendly Bees. The kingdom and the bees are ruled by the Queen Bee. Mario uses the Bee Mushroom here for the first time. This is the galaxy where Mario learns how to use the Bee Suit and he can now fly and stick to Honey Walls. To unlock this galaxy, get 3 Power Stars. Bugaboom is the boss of this galaxy.


Starting Planet-


The Starting Planet.

Honeyhive Galaxy1-1-

Mario on the beautiful Starting Planet.

This is the first planet Mario visits, and the planet he starts on. It contains Bees, some Boulders, and sometimes Mandibugs. There are also red, flying insects flying around, as well as a large waterfall in the back. The area behind the waterfall is a copious with Honey covering the entire floor of that area. Here is also a Launch Star leading to the Flower Planet. There is a treetop here that contains the Toad Brigade and the first Power Star. On the second mission, Mario must use a Sproutle Vine to reach an area with a Sling Star, leading to a button with a Wiggler around it. Pressing it leads the player to the side of the Starting Planet. Here is an area with boxes and a Launch Star leading to the Hat Planets. In mission three, Queen Bee will be behind the water, asking for Mario's assistance. A Launch Star appears that takes Mario to the Bugaboom Planet.

Flower Planet-


Bee Mario on the beautiful Flower Planet.

This planet is a planet with many flowers floating in the air all over the entire planet. The bottom of the planet is full of lily pads floating on the water, which Mario can use to rest on from all of that flying as Bee Mario. There are several of the rock-spitting Octoguys all around the lily pads that shoot rocks at Mario and some Piranha Plants all around the edges of the pond. Above the lilypads and pond, are the flowers. To get on the flowers, Mario must use a dandelion stalk to launch himself into the air, then fly to the flower. There are many flowers, and in the middle is a gigantic flower with a Launch Star on it. The Launch Star takes Mario to the Queen Bee Planet if he uses it. In between the flowers, are several, tall water fountains that shoot water in the air. Touching the water they shoot turns Bee Mario into regular Mario.

Queen Bee Planet-


The Queen Bee Planet.

This planet starts off with a Honey Wall. At the bottom of this wall, there is a Bee and a Piranha Plant. To climb up the wall, Bee Mario must run into it, and he will automatically stick to the wall. Mario must go up to the top of the wall, which requires one jump, and fly period, then the rest of the period is climbing. There are some jump and fly periods for shortcuts, Coins, 1ups, etc, but they are optional so Mario does not have to take them if he doesn't want to. At the very top of the wall is a Piranha Plant holding down a sproutle. When Mario defeats it, it releases the sproutle, which will bring Mario right in front of the Queen Bee. Queen Bee is hovering in the middle of this planet. The Queen Bee Planet's top is full of water and has a rim going around it. It is possible to stick to the Queen Bee and climb her.

Hat Planets-

640px-Honeyhive Galaxy2-1-

Mario on one of the Hat Planets.

The Hat Planets are two planets shaped like giant hats. They twist around and have many enemies on them. There are several Piranha Plants on the top hat planet, which Mario can defeat for Coins and Star Bits or just for fun. Then Mario must go to the bottom of the planet. At the bottom, Mario can jump and land in a ring of Star Bits. They are located on the second planet that has two Wigglers. At the bottom of this planet, there is a Launch Star leading to the Rattle Planet.

Rattle Planet-

Honeyhive Galaxy3-1-

The Rattle Planet.

The Rattle Planet, hense the name, is shaped like a rattle. There is a bulb at the top, and an inaccessible stick at the bottom. On the bulb at the top of this planet, are many Piranha Plants which Mario can defeat for Star Bits, Coins, or just for fun. There is a Question Coin nearby which releases a Rainbow Star when collected. With the Rainbow Star's effect, Mario can defeat all of the Piranha Plants.

Observation Deck-

Honeyhive Galaxy4-1-

Mario on the Observation Deck.

The Observation Deck is a wooden platform with three stories. The star for mission two is found here and so is the level's miniboss. When Mario arrives, there is a swing which Mario can use to get across a pit that has a trampoline at the bottom of it. If Mario falls into a pit, there is a 6-Life Life Mushroom guarded by two Mandibugs here. There are two trampolines which lead up to the second level of the Observation Deck. Up top here are two Mandibugs and two walls which Mario must jump so he can get to the third level. Here, there is a button and another Mandibug. Mario must avoid or defeat the Mandibug, then Ground Pound a button to start the windmill. He can now climb up to get to the miniboss, which is two Mandibugs stacked on top of each other.

Bugaboom Planet-

Honeyhive Galaxy5-1-

The Bugaboom Planet.

This is the planet where Mario fights Bugaboom. When Mario arrives, there are two platforms before the main planet, each with a dandelion. The first platform has a Bee Mushroom and the second platforms has Coins. Mario must use the Bee Mushroom to get to the dandelions and then fly to the main planet. On the main planet are several dandelions, a giant tree in the middle with Honey on it, and a river in the water to make the planet beautiful. The Main Planet is bigger than the two platforms you were just on. There is also a Bee Mushroom here, that helps the player fight Bugaboom.


Bee Mario/Luigi Takes Flight!

Mario begins this mission and all other missions on the Starting Planet, the largest of all planets in the Honeyhive Galaxy. Mario must follow the path up the hill to a Question Coin that reveals the game's first Bee Mushroom. He must use the Power-Up to fly up the nearby ledges. The Bee Mushroom is not an absolute necessity at this point, but can help Mario. At the end of the tunnel is a tree stump with a hole in it. Mario must jump down the hole, and slide down the slide. Then he must jump and fly across the ledges with Honey to reach the Launch Star. Mario must avoid the Honey, as for if he walks in it, he will be slowed down, and cannot jump as high. When Mario uses the Launch Star, he will land on the Flower Planet. One of the platforms has a dandelion that Mario can use to get to the flowers in the air. Mario must avoid the water fountains shooting water, and carefully cross the flowers. He will eventually reach a gigantic flower in the middle with a Launch Star. The Launch Star blasts Mario to the Queen Bee Planet. Mario will find himself face to face with his first Honey Wall. Mario must climb up the wall to get to the pond where the Queen Bee resides. The Queen Bee complains about a "horrible itching plague" (she is covered in Star Chips), so Mario must climb her and collect all five of the Star Chips. They will build a Launch Star once all five are collected. Mario must use the Launch Star to end up on top of a tree on the Starting Planet. Toad will present Mario with a Power Star. After completion of this mission, Toads will walk around the Comet Observatory and start building Starshrooms.


Planets Visited-

  • Starting Planet
  • Flower Planet
  • Queen Bee Planet

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Trouble on the Tower-

The Mandibugs have taken residence in the Honeyhive Galaxy, and it's up to YOU to put a stop to it! With the help of the Bee Mushroom, Mario must climb up the enormous Starting Planet and traverse the other planets till he reaches the top of the Observation Deck. To do this, Mario will start off on the Starting Planet. Right where he starts off, there is a 1up Mushroom right behind him (below ground level), and an "M" of Star Bits. Mario must move on up the path past the Boulders and ignore the large expanse of space with many enemies. Ignoring the enemies, Mario must destroy the second stone on the path to release a sproutle, which leads him to the second part of the planet. In this part Mario must use the second trampoline to bounce up to a Sling Star, which sends him to a platform with a Wiggler and a button. Using the button, Mario must Ground Pound it to open up the next part of the path. Here he must Wall-Jump to the top of the staircase. At the top, he must Wall-Jump up to wooden boards leading to a Launch Star. The Launch Star will blast Mario to the Hat Planets where he must face a barrage of Piranha Plants and Wigglers. On the second Hat Planet Mario will find another Launch Star leading to the Rattle Planet. Here, are several Piranha Plants, a Wiggler and a Question Coin that releases a Rainbow Star. There is a tube for Mario to go through, which takes him to the Observation Deck. Here, he must defeat the Mandibugs and use the trampolines to get to a Wall-Jumping platform. Here he must Wall-Jump up to the third level. In this level, Mario should Ground Pound a button which activates a windmill. The windmill takes him to the top of the tower, where there is a mini-boss in the form of two Mandibugs on top of each other. Mario must Ground Pound the one on the top, then Ground Pound the one at the bottom to defeat it. This releases the Power Star that the mini-boss was guarding.


Planets Visited-

  • Starting Planet
  • Hat Planets
  • Rattle Planets
  • Observation Deck

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Big Bad Bugaboom-

It seems that to end the Mandibug infestation is to defeat their leader, Bugaboom. To get to him, Mario begins on the Starting Planet. He must travel through the Starting Planet all over again, avoiding the Piranha Plants and Slurples, except that there are also Mandibugs here that weren't here before. Using a Bubble Blaster, Mario in a Bubble, must go to the area at the bottom of the waterfall (it has three Mandibugs in it) and travel through the tunnel there to meet Queen Bee. Queen Bee asks Mario for his assistance again, and gives him a Launch Star that sends Mario to the Bugaboom Planet. There are two small platforms before the Bugaboom Planet. Mario must use the dandelion there to launch himself, then fly to the Bugaboom Planet. To defeat Bugaboom, Mario must Ground Pound his back three times. The first time, Bugaboom charges at Mario. Mario must fly higher than Bugaboom and Ground Pound his back. Bugaboom, now starts flying. Mario must fly up to some honeycombs and stick there until Bugaboom passes then Ground Pound his back again. Mario can also use the dandelions to Ground Pound Bugaboom's back while avoiding the bombs Bugaboom shoots out of his stomach. Now on Bugaboom's last life, he grows angrier than usual and flips on his other side so that he cannot be defeated. Mario must use correct timing to cling onto a dandelion and wait until Bugaboom flips back on his usual side and Ground Pound him again. When he succeeds, a Power Star comes out of the cracked body of Bugaboom.


Planets Visited-

  • Starting Planet
  • Bugaboom Planet

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Honeyhive Cosmic Mario/Luigi Race-


Mario meets Cosmic Mario during the Honeyhive Cosmic Mario/Luigi Race.

Upone entering this mission, a a cosmic doppelganger of Mario or Luigi appears. Mario must race Cosmic Mario and Luigi must race Cosmic Luigi for the Power Star. If Cosmic Mario or Cosmic Luigi reach the finish line first, Mario or Luigi will lose a life. Cosmic Luigi is more difficult than Cosmic Mario, as for he is faster than Cosmic Mario, uses a lot of long jumps, and doesn't hang around one area to make a jump. However, he does make one vital flaw, which is getting stuck in the Honey area near the end of the mission. To begin the race (at the start) Mario must move forward a few feet. Cosmic Mario will appear and challenge them. They must both charge down the path to the bottom of the waterfall and backflip up the block to get to the top. One more backflip, and Mario will find himself in the tunnel leading to the tube. Ground Pounding into the tube speeds up Mario and gives him a headstart at the slide. Once at the slide Mario must backflip again to get to the area with Honey. Mario must run through this area, avoiding the honey and the deadly pits (which can make you fall into a Black Hole). Then Mario must get to the end before Cosmic Mario to earn a Power Star.


  • None

Planets Visited-

  • Starting Planet

Gallery for Honeyhive Cosmic Mario/Luigi Race

The Honeyhive's Purple Coins-

100 Purple Coins are scattered across the Starting Planet and is up to the Mario Bros. to collect them all and save the Power Star. This mission is notorious for being one of the longest missions in the game, as for lots of exploration is required to find every Purple Coin. It is possible to accidently die while exploring, so you must be very careful. The player must make sure they look in every nook and cranny for a single Purple Coin. Most Purple Coins are easy to spot, though they may be harder to get than they look. A good strategy is to clear out an area so that there are no more Purple Coins and move on to the next area. If Player 1 has a Player 2, Player 2 can help Mario halfway up the hill at the start so that he can get two of those three coins.


Planets Visited-

  • Starting Planet

Gallery for The Honeyhive's Purple Coins

Luigi in the Honeyhive Kingdom-


Luigi;s card that he sends to Mario.

After rescuing Luigi in the Ghostly, Good Egg and Battlerock Galaxies, his fourth destination is in the Honeyhive Galaxy. Once again he needs Mario's or the playable Luigi's help (there are two Luigis in Super Mario Galaxy) to rescue him from a "big, scary bug". He can be found clinging to a tree, in the first mission of the galaxy. After completing this mission and meeting the playable Luigi in the Comet Observatory, the nonplayable Luigi decides that searching for Power Stars is too scary and gives up. To find Luigi, you must use the Bee Mushroom to fly up the hill at the start of the level leading into the next area. In that area, he must climb up the thin wooden wall without falling into the Black Hole to the top or use the Bee Mushroom. At the top, there is a tree which Luigi is clinging to, as for he is afraid of the "big, scary bug". When Mario jumps into him, Luigi will fall and give Mario the Power Star.


Planets Visited-

  • Starting Planet

Gallery for Luigi in the Honeyhive Kingdom


  • The Gold Leaf Galaxy is very similar to this galaxy. It even uses the same music!

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