Honeyhop Galaxy-1-

The Honeyhop Galaxy.

The Honeyhop Galaxy is a galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy 2. It is located in World 4. This galaxy has the use of the Bee Mushroom. Bees are found throughout the galaxy and teach Mario how to use the Fire Flower. This galaxy also has Honey Walls which you can only traverse as Bee Mario/Bee Luigi. The Queen Bee is also found in this galaxy. This galaxy has many Choppahs and Octoguys.


Honeyhop Planet-

This planet is fairly big. It is filled with water ponds an enemies such as Octoombas here. There are also Choppahs that fly around the honeycombs.

Queen Bee Planet-

This planet is similar to the Queen Bee's planet in Super Mario Galaxy. It also has a water floor that sprouts a waterfall below. There are enemies surrounding it, with Queen Bee at the top. There are five Silver Stars to collect.


The Sweetest Silver Stars-

This mission takes place on the Queen Bee planet. Mario must collect all 5 Silver Stars to receive a Power Star.

The Chimp's Score Challenge-

This mission is given by The Chimp. He challenges you to another score challenge. You must defeat enemies to beat the high score seen. If you succeed, you win a Power Star.

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