Penguin Mario near some Huckit Crabs.

Huckit Crab

A Huckit Crab as it appears in New Super Mario Bros. Wii.

Huckit Crabs are enemies in New Super Mario Bros. Wii. They are crabs with red shells, yellow feet and one claw that they use to toss sand balls at Mario. Huckit Crabs throw the sand balls at Mario. They can jump to throw balls at Mario if Mario jumps. If a sand ball hits Mario, or if Mario touches a Huckit Crab, he takes damage. Huckit Crabs first appeared in World 4 (NSMB Wii), but only in two levels. Huckit Crabs throw an endless supply of sand balls, forcing you to defeat them. Huckit Crabs appear often in the two levels they appear in. You can defeat a Huckit Crab by jumping on it, throwing a fireball from a Fire Flower (NSMB Wii) at them, freezing them with an Ice Flower/ Penguin Suit, then destroying the ice block they're in, or running into them with a Starman. Huckit Crabs' sand balls can be defeated by jumping on them too, but an ice ball or fireball cannot destroy them. Huckit Crabs also appear in Mario Party 9. They appear on the board of Blooper Beach. While most Huckit Crabs stay on inaccessible parts of the board and watch players completely ignoring them, a group of Huckit Crabs fire their cannons from an inaccessible pirate ship when the player lands on an Event Space, turning any Mini Stars into Mini Ztars and the other way around. 


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