SMG2 Giantparagoomba

This is the artwork of a Huge Paragoomba in Super Mario Galaxy 2.

SMG2 Giant Land

Mario stands by a Piranhacus Giganticus while two Huge Paragoombas can be seen in the background (which is accessible).

Huge Paragoombas, also known as Grand Paragoombas, are enemies that appear in Super Mario Galaxy 2. They are ENORMOUS sub-species of Paragoombas. Huge Paragoombas look and act the same as Paragoombas only way bigger. These giant enemies appear in the Supermassive Galaxy along with many other giant versions of other enemies: Grand Goombas (enormous versions of Goombas) Piranhacus Giganticus (enormous versions of Piranha Plants, they are bigger than Super Piranha Plants), Super Thwomps (enormous versions of Thwomps), Gargantua Koopa Troopas (giant versions of Koopa Troopas) and Mega Wigglers (giant versions of Wigglers). In the Supermassive Galaxy, Huge Paragoombas appear on the Giant Star Chips Planet (also known as the Yellow Platforms Planet) where all they do is fly back and forth. Only three appear on the planet: one among the giant Star Chip platforms, and two after the Piranhacus Giganticus. The third one is more difficult to avoid since it flies around many Elevators that are moving up or down and disappearing. Huge Paragoombas can be defeated with a Spin, causing them to lose their wings and flip upside down, and then from another spin or a kick (to kick them, run into them after they flip upside down). After this (unless the enemy is kicked and is knocked into Space), the enemy is defeated and releases a large amount of Star Bits (not as much as a Starbag though!). However, success on their side (if Mario/Luigi comes in contact with one of these enemies) causes the heroes to lose one wedge of health from their Health Meter.


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