SmgHurry-Scurry Galaxy-1-

The Hurry-Scurry Galaxy.

The Hurry-Scurry Galaxy is a galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy. It is filled with Shrinking Tiles that disappear a short while after being stepped on. That means you must keep moving. There is a planetoid covered entirely with Shrinking Tiles and a Black Hole in the center. Mario/Luigi cannot stand on the tiles, or they'll enter the Black Hole and lose a life. There are also Rainbow Notes the player must collect to earn a Power Star.


Starting Planet-

This planet has Shrinking Tiles and is flat. You must move quickly while on this planet. Some of the tiles have Star Bits. One also has a Goomba on it, an another even has a 1up Mushroom on it. When you reach the end, there is
800px-SMG Hurry-ScurryGalaxy-1-

Mario on the starting planet.

a tile you can use to hit a Question Block with Coins in it. When the tile disappears, you will fall into a Launch Star that shoots you to the Hurry Scurry Planet.

Hurry-Scurry Planet-

On this planet, you must immediately start running to save yourself from falling into the Black Hole. As said above, the whole planet is made of Shrinking Tiles. A Black Hole is inside this planet, making a count of two Black Holes in the galaxy. This planet contains Rainbow Notes. When Mario collects all Rainbow Notes, the Black Hole disappears, being replaced with a Power Star. When Mario falls, he will obtain the Power Star.

Shrinking Tiles-1-

On the Hurry-Scurry Planet.

Shrinking Satellite-

Mario starts off on a small walkway that turns different ways. The beginning is a solid platform which Mario must not fall off, or he'll enter the Black Hole. The walkway turns into a twisty road of Shrinking Tiles with Star Bits, a Goomba, and a 1up Mushroom. It then ends at another solid platform with two of the Toad Brigade members. There is another Shrinking Tile to the left with a Question Block above it and a Launch Star beneath it. You must let the gravity pull you into the Launch Star. Mario will land on the Hurry-Scurry Planet with a trail of Rainbow Notes. Mario must quickly pick them up, or else fall into the Black Hole. Once all Rainbow Notes are collected, a Power Star replaces the Black Hole. The player will have to let the platform shrink, but the gravity will pull Mario into the Power Star.


  • A Goomba

Planets Visited-

  • Starting Planet
  • Hurry-Scurry Planet

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