The Isle Delfino is a island-region in which the Mario game Super Mario Sunshine takes place. Isle Delfino is known for consisting of several attractions, including a four-star hotel and an amusement park. The stage Delfino Plaza from Super Smash Bros. Brawl is also set there, which is the main hub for Super Mario Sunshine. The themes of Delfino Plaza and Ricco Harbor are songs from this game, and are used in Brawl on the Delfino Plaza stage. Isle Delfino is a vacation destination for many members of the Mushroom Kingdom. The two species of natives are the Pianta and the Noki. Piantas are multi-colored and have what appears to be a palm tree sprouting from the top of their head. The Noki are small, shellfish creatures, but have humanoid aspects. Isle Delfino has a Shine Tower, which is where the Shine Sprites gather around the Grand Shine, a gigantic version of a Shine Sprite and produce the light to all of Isle Delfino. Isle Delfino itself is in the shape of a dolphin, hence the name.

In the game, Mario, Peach and Toadsworth travel to the island for a vacation. when they land at the Delfino Airstrip, a messy sight greets them. A humongous splat of colorful goo. When they land Peach briefly see a clear blue version of Mario and a second after Peach looks away and then looks back, he is gone. Mario can jump off the ledge and swim to the other side and then get F.L.U.D.D.. F.L.U.D.D. will then introduce himself and his controls. Then you can start cleaning up the goo. A small blob in the middle, when you spray it with water, will reveal a piranha plant made of the goo. Only spraying water in its mouth will hurt it. Spray it, in the mouth, about 3-5 times and the goo will disappear. Be careful. There will be little enemies in various colors, including red, blue, yellow and green. They will blow up in a short time if you don't spray them. After you have cleaned it up there will be a Shine Sprite in the middle of the Airstrip. After there will be a little cutscene where the Piantas wrongfully, forcefully and mistakenly charge Mario with the crime of the goo.

There will be various places around the island where goo is. Sometimes there will be giant mud balls rolling around, leaving goo wherever it goes. Civilians and Toads can be trapped under there. Under the goo there will be something under it e.g. a lighthouse. there will be a multi-colored M on it somewhere. These can teleport you to other places including Bianco Hills, Ricco Harbor, Gelato Beach, Pinna Park, Noki Bay, Serena Beach, Pianta Village and Corona Mountain. Some bosses include Petey Piranha, Wiggler, Mecha Bowser, Gooper Blooper and Gooper Blooper 2. And of course the person who created this mess, Shadow Mario a.k.a. Bowser Jr.

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