Item Crystal-1-

Various Item Crystals.

Item Crystals are items in Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2. It is a three layer crystal that contains items. In Super Mario GaIaxy, Item Crystals are found in multiple areas of the game, mostly on the first few stages, and sometimes found near bosses. During the introductory scene of Super Mario Galaxy, the Airships are shown shooting crystal bits at Toads, making it a possibility Bowser's fleet is the source of the other crystals. Anything hit by the crystal bits, gets trapped inside it. Item Crystals have weak structures and can be shattered by Mario's spin move. Inside Item Crystals are Coins, 1up Mushrooms, and occasionally a Launch Star or Life Shroom. Spinning the Item Crystal is the only way to break them, as by using any other move will not destroy them. Most Item Crystals contain Star Bits. Some contain Lumas or Toads which help the player when freed. The quantity of Star Bits obtained will average from three to ten, but most Item Crystals contain four to six. There are very large Item Crystals that contain Power Stars. These large Item Crystals take three Spins to be shattered. In Super Mario Galaxy 2, they are exactly the same as the original, but they look different.

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