Bowser in his Jetsetter.

The Jetsetter, also known as the Aero Glider, is a kart for large characters in Mario Kart Wii. It has a three pointed noise. The middle on is shorter, but fatter. The other two have headlights. This kart has blue wheels and a rear fin. It also has a single dual exhaust pipe. The Jetsetter is unlocked in single player by scoring 1 star or better in all 150cc Retro Cups.


  • Speed: Excellent
  • Weight: High
  • Acceleration: Low
  • Handling: Abysmal
  • Drift: Low
  • Off-Road: Abysmal
  • Mini-Turbo: Abysmal

The Jetsetter has excellent speed. In fact, it is the fastest vehicle in the game! It has good weight, but is the lightest large kart in the game. It is the only large kart lighter than the Wario Bike. All the other stats are low. It has the worst handling, off road, and mini-turbo in the game. It shares the same stats with the Torpedo.

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