800px-Jumbo rays-1-

Some of the green Jumbo Rays in World 5-5.

Jumbo Rays are aids in New Super Mario Bros. Wii along with Bonecoasters. They are green manta rays that wear water goggles. Jumbo Rays appear in World 5-5 of World 5. They have the ability to leap and fly in the sky. Mario and the gang can stand on them, as if they were platforms, to get through the level. However, they cannot stand on the Jumbo Rays for long, as they will go into the fog and disappear, causing you and the gang to die. However by the time one goes in the fog, another will appear. Like with Bonecoasters, you must jump constantly to keep you alive, however, you must jump from Jumbo Ray to Jumbo Ray instead of jumping over lava geysers (Bonecoasters).

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