Wii-haw! Arianna dancing to Cotton Eye Joe from Just Dance01:24

Wii-haw! Arianna dancing to Cotton Eye Joe from Just Dance

Just Dance Hot N Cold00:40

Just Dance Hot N Cold

Just Dance-Kids in America00:35

Just Dance-Kids in America

Just Dance-Hot N Cold00:37

Just Dance-Hot N Cold

Just Dance is a music video game developed and published by Ubisoft for the Wii. It was released on November 17, 2009 in North America, November 26 in Australia, and November 27 in Europe. It is similar to the Dance Dance Revolution games in which players use the Wii Remote and attempt to mimic the on-screen silhouette dancer.Players earn points depending on what moves they perform and how well they perform them.


The game has three gameplay modes: the "Classic" mode in which players pick any track and attempt to dance with the on-screen dancer; a "Last One Standing" mode in which players are eliminated if they don't score enough points or make too many mistakes, and a "Strike a Pose" mode in which players start and stop dancing as dictated by the on-screen dancer. There is also a "Practice" mode in which players may dance to tracks without keeping score.

Featured Tracks

The game includes 32 different music tracks in which players dance to.

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