Brawlemissary jyk-1-

A Water Jyk.


A Flame Jyk.

A Jyk is an invincible enemy in The Subspace Emissary. It moves along platforms slowly and will damage the player if touched. There are 3 types of Jyks- electric, flame and water. The flame attacks the player with a flame attack while the electric attacks with electricity (hense the name). The Electric Jyk appears in Skyworld, Research Facility, The Path to the Ruins, The Wilds, Subspace Bomb Factory, Subspace Bomb Factory 2, Subspace 1 and The Great Maze. The Flame Jyk appears in The Plain, The Battlefield Fortress, The Ruins, Battleship Halberd Interior, and The Great Maze. The Water Jyk appears in The Jungle, The Lake, The Ruined Zoo, The Lake Shore, The Swamp, The Glacial Peak, and The Great Maze. It can't be captured by a trophy stand. To get its trophy complete Boss Battles with 20 characters.

an electric Jyk.

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