Karts are vehicles that you can drive in Mario Kart Wii.

Luigi in Mario Kart Wii.

The character's kart in the pictures are their standard karts. They all look the same but are bigger or smaller depending on their class. The Standard Kart S is for small characters. The Standard Kart M is for medium characters and the Standard Kart L is for large characters. Here are what each stats say for the kart.

  • Acceleration: The time to reach top speed.
  • Speed: The level of top speed.
  • Weight: The strength of the vehicle. The stronger it is, the harder it is to get pushed around.
  • Handling: The control of the vehicle.
  • Drifting: The friction power of the vehicle.
  • Off-Road: The speed of the vehicle when driving off-road.
  • Mini-Turbo: The power of the speed burst after drifting or from a trick.

The player can select other 5 karts than their normal kart. Karts don't have a high speed burst after doing a trick unlike Bikes. They cannot perform wheelies either.However, karts have more powerful mini-turbos, depending on how long you stood drifting.

Karts (excluding the standard karts)

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