King Kaliente.


King Kaliente shooting coconuts.


An angry King Kaliente as he appears in the second battle in Super Mario Galaxy.

King Kaliente is a boss in Super Mario Galaxy. His Japanese name suggests he is a Blooper, but he looks more like an octopus than a squid. He was called up by Bowser Jr. to fight Mario for a Grand Star (second battle only). King Kaliente is fought twice, once in the Good Egg Galaxy and once in Bowser Jr.'s Lava Reactor. King Kaliente is best described as a Blooper with an Octoomba's head. He has a crown on his head and a white mustache. He has blue eyes as well. When battled for the second time he has a darker, blacker hue and his eyes are red. His attacks include shooting fireballs and Coconuts at Mario and summoning enemies. The battle practices shooting Coconuts. Once Mario reaches the top of the Magma Planet a Yellow Luma will warn him about King Kaliente. Once Mario reaches the volcanic side, King Kaliente will emerge from the lava pool and shake his head. He is angered that Mario has awakened him, beginning the battle. He will first spit out three fireballs, followed by a Coconut. Mario must perform a Spin or a Spin Jump to whack the Coconut back at King Kaliente. The King will throw it back at Mario. If Mario whacks the Coconut at him three times, and it flies past King Kaliente, it will knock off the King's crown. If it is missed, Mario must repeat the process until he is successful. King Kaliente is angered when Mario knocks his crown off and it sinks into the lava. King Kaliente has a tuff on his head when the crown is knocked off. Angered, King Kaliente unleashes a big roar of wind, that blows the lava around and sprouting Lava Bouncers. The Lava Bouncers bounce on the lava or the ground, making Mario lose two HP if they touch him. Mario must shoot Coconuts at the King three times again to defeat King Kaliente. After this King Kaliente is knocked out and collapses back into his hot, lava tub home. A Power Star sprouts out of the lava and moves toward Mario. King Kaliente survived and is fought again in Bowser Jr.'s Lava Reactor. He uses the same tactics as in the previous battle, but the battle is much harder. The fight takes place on a set of rings that sink into the lava, if stood on for too long. King Kaliente's attacks are more frequent too. He will send dozens of Lava Bouncers to attack Mario. After his crown is knocked off, he summons falling meteors from the sky. After Mario defeats him for the second time, he releases a Grand Star. King Kaliente reappears in Super Mario Galaxy 2 and is the second boss fought in the Boss Blitz Galaxy.

King Kaliente shooting fireballs.

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