Galaxy Artwork Kingfin-1-



Mario swimming towards Kingfin.

Kingfin is a boss in Super Mario Galaxy. He is a giant skeletal shark who appears in the Bonefin Galaxy. He has eyes that have lights. Kingfin summons robotic fish which chase Mario like Torpedo Teds in all directions. The more damage Kingfin takes, the more robotic fish he summons. The battle practices using shells. When Mario goes into the water, it appears with two robotic fish which chase Mario. By touching the robotic fish, will make Mario lose one health point. The robotic fish cannot be defeated, so you must avoid them. The only way to defeat Kingfin is to grab one of the shells on the floor of Kingfin's planet and throw it at him. Once Kingfin is hit 5 times with a shell, he explodes and releases a Power Star. Kingfin has the second largest amount of hit points (about 5) while Bowser from Bowser's Galaxy Reactor has 6. When you near Kingfin, a Hip-Hop music plays and it gets faster after Kingfin is hit 3 times.

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