Kirby's Epic Yarn
KEY Boxart
Developer(s) Nintendo
Publisher(s) Good-Feel, HAL Laboratory
Platform(s) Wii
Release date(s) Japan: October 14, 2010

US: October 17, 2010 Australia: February 24, 2011 Europe: February 25, 2011 South Korea: September 1, 2011

Genre(s) 2-D Platformer
Players Single Player and Multiplayer/Co-op
Rating(s) ESRB: E (Everyone)
Media Wii Optical Disc
Input Wii Remote
Predecessor Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards (most likely)
Successor Kirby's Return to Dream Land (most likely)
Kirby's Epic Yarn at

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Kirby's Epic Yarn is the first Kirby video game for the Wii console. It was revealed for the first time on June 15, 2010 at E3. Since the game's title has the word yarn in it, Kirby is actually made of yarn and fabric, much like his environment. The objective of this game is to defeat the evil Yin-Yarn the Sorcerer and restore the world of Patch Land to its former glory, by going through many different worlds, including Dream Land, wich features yarn forms of familiar foes such as Whispy Woods and Kracko. Kirby has, believe it or not, lost his ability to inhale his enemies and use their powers to his advantage, but he can now take several really helpful forms, like a submarine, a UFO, a tank, a car, a spin boarder and others. He can now also grab his enemies, turn them into a ball and throw them at other enemies.

This game has a co-op mode, the second player controlling a blue yarn boy named Prince Fluff. He can do everything that Kirby can do and serves as Kirby's best friend while in Patch Land. Since it follows Kirby's Epic Yarn and is the second Kirby game for Wii, Kirby's Return to Dream Land may be the successor to this game.


Yin-Yarn the Sorcerer runs crazily in Dream Land, turning everything, even the citizens into yarn. Meanwhile, Kirby walks by a bush and notices a tomato with an M on top of it. Fooled thinking it is a Maxim Tomato, Kirby starts to inhale to eat it, however, as he does so Yin-Yarn appears to introduce himself. Yin-Yarn gets mad because Kirby ate the tomato and sucks him into a sock tied with a string around his neck.

Kirby then finds himself in a strange land. Here, everything is made of yarn- and due to Yin-Yarn's powerful magic, even Kirby himself is made of yarn. Just then, Kirby saw a yarn monster chasing a yarn boy. Kirby tries to inhale the monster only to realize that he cannot inhale anymore. Not knowing what to do, yet still wanting help, Kirby transforms into a Car and drives off with the yarn boy. It turns out that Yin-Yarn's tomato was a Metamato, which gave Kirby the power to transform into many different things. The boy introduces himself as Prince Fluff. He then offers Kirby a visit to Patch Castle, where Kirby learns to use his new moves and also learn the basics of Patch Land.

Right afterwards, a monster appears and tries to eat Prince Fluff. Kirby defeats this monster by using his weight transformation and earns a piece of yarn that stitches the world Quilty Square to the next world Grass Land. As a disappointed Prince Fluff explains, Yin-Yarn has split Patch Land into seven different parts, and he still has five missing pieces to find. As helpful as Kirby can be, Kirby promises to Prince Fluff that he can make Patch Land a peaceful place again. The two set off for adventure. After they defeat Fangora, a magic yarn stitches Grass Land to the next world, Hot Land.

Eventually, Kirby's stomach starts to growl, so he searches for food in a tree, however, he cannot seem to find any. Suddenly, the tree starts to shake and Kirby tries to hang on for as long as he can. However, it is actually Prince Fluff who is shaking the tree. He then explains to Kirby that this is the way to get food in Patch Land, and he proceeds to shake several apples and Kirby out of the tree. Kirby gets mad and chases Prince Fluff for so long that he forgot he was hungry.

After defeating Hot Wings together, a magic yarn stitches Hot Land to the next world, Treat Land.

Meanwhile, back in Dream Land, a group of Waddle Dees are working for King Dedede inside the castle. King Dedede then notices that one Waddle Dee "looks a little strange" (it is made of yarn), however, the king pays no mind to this afterwards. Yin-Yarn, who is hiding behind some boxes, continues to sew more Waddle Dees with his needles. The evil sorcerer then cackles saying that Dream Land will soon be his, even though he admits that he does not know what to do with it when it is his.

After Kirby and Prince Fluff defeat Squashini, a magic yarn stitches Treat Land to the next world, Water Land.

Along their journey, the heroes come across a giant, mountain-sized cake. Kirby tries to contain himself, however, he jumps into the cake. Prince Fluff declares a cake-eating contest and starts eating as well. However, the heroes do not balance their eating, and the cake collapses with them inside it. Prince Fluff pops out and says he cannot eat anymore. Kirby then pops out with a huge cherry in his mouth and eats it, making him win the contest.

After the two heroes defeat Capamari, a magic yarn stitches Water Land to the next world, Snow Land.

Back in Dream Land in Castle Dedede (most likely), the yarn Waddle Dees capture the real Waddle Dees and end up cornering King Dedede. Before King Dedede can defend himself, the "fake Waddle Dees" attack and tie him up. Yin-Yarn comes out and uses his sock to suck King Dedede into Patch Land and turn him into yarn. While King Dedede wanders around Snow Land, he spots Kirby and starts to run over, however, a puppeteer's voice comes out of nowhere and knocks the king unconscious. It then takes over the king's body. When King Dedede is defeated by Kirby, he returns to normal and the magic yarn from the puppeteer's voice is let go, stitching Snow Land into the next world, Space Land.

Once again, back in Dream Land while roaming the skies on the Battleship Halberd, Meta Knight notices some changes in Dream Land's landscape. Suddenly, Yin-Yarn crashes onto the deck of the ship and sucks Meta Knight into Patch Land. When Kirby and Prince Fluff find Meta Knight guarding Space Land's magic yarn, his eyes flash between yellow and purple because he is under possession of Yin-Yarn. Once Kirby defeats him, Meta Knight is freed, and he disappears into his cape. Kirby and Prince Fluff get the last piece of magic yarn, which stitches Patch Land fully back together. They head back to Patch Castle to celebrate, however, they are distracted when an unconscious Meta Knight wakes up. He apologizes for attacking them and blames the yarn. He then explains what is happening in Dream Land. Kirby is upset that Yin-Yarn is taking over, however Prince Fluff pulls out another magic sock. It turns out that Yin-Yarn has only stolen one of the pair, and now that Patch Land is restored, the sock should regain its normal magic.

Kirby, Prince Fluff, Meta Knight and King Dedede use the sock to transport to Yin-Yarn and confront him. Upon their arrival at Dream Land, they find that Yin-Yarn has gotten rid of his sock and that Dream Land is covered in yarn and fabric. Castle Dedede is floating menacingly above Dream Land. Kirby and Prince Fluff eventually track the sorcerer and defeat him, however, his needles come to life and use the magic yarn to turn Yin-Yarn into a new transformation, making him become Mega Yin-Yarn. Thinking fast, Meta Knight flies over and drops a Tankbot metamortex, allowing Kirby to power up. Kirby then "executes" Mega Yin-Yarn. His needles are banished to the far reaches of Patch Land and the yarn speed soon wares off, with Kirby and Prince Fluff returning to normal. Prince Fluff then says farewell to Kirby and leaves the magical sock for Kirby to come visit whenever he wants. After the credits come through, Kirby is shown sleeping in a field with the sock in his hands, dreaming of his new friends in Patch Land.



  • Control Pad: Move (Control Pad left/right), Go in front of behind a layer of fabric (Control Pad Up), Crouch, Weight transformation (in mid air only), drop ball of yarn (All three of these, Control Pad Down).
  • Control Pad left or right + 2 button: Swim
  • Control Pad left or right + tap twice: Dash
  • 1 Button: Yarn Whip, Roll Up (Hold), throw ball of yarn
  • 2 Button: Jump, Parachute (tap twice)
  • B Button: U-Turn while in Train Form
  • + Button: Pause game and view pause menu
  • - Button: View controls for current form


Kirby has lost his ability to fly, as well as inhale, however, he has many different transformations that he can transform into.

Basic Transformations

Name Description (What it does) Appearance picture Controls
Car Kirby can travel faster, as well as jump higher and farther with this transformation.
KEY car
Note Kirby automatically becomes this when he exits a brass instrument in the level of Treat Land, Melody Town
Parachute This transformation allows Kirby to slowly descend to the ground or ride up air currents.
Pendulum Allows Kirby to reach higher places or new areas.
Sleigh This move replaces the transformation "Car" in the level of Snow Land, Frosty Wheel. Kirby can slide up and down ramps, as well as be able to skate over water when he has enough speed to do so.
KEY Sleigh
Snake When Kirby reaches a narrow passageway, he can use this transformation to go through them.
Kirby Snake
Strength When Kirby reaches a zipper, or other heavy object, he can become this to pull them/unzip the zipper.
Submarine Kirby automatically becomes this when he enters water.
Top Kirby automatically becomes this when he is rolling an enemy into a yarn ball.
Top (form)
Weight When Kirby is in midair, he can use this form to come crashing down, allowing him to defeat enemies and break blocks he couldn't break with his yarn whip.

Super Transformations

Kirby can become one of these forms after he touches that super transformation's Metamortex. The Tankbot, Off-Roader and Spin-Boarder forms have two players sharing control. The one who grabbed the Metamortex taking on the form and the other player providing support. All other transformations allow Kirby and Prince Fluff transforming separately and giving players independent control. The Train form is the one special case where players take turns drawing the tracks, however, Kirby and Prince Fluff share the same train.

Name Description (What it does) Appearance picture Metamortex
Digger This transformation allows Kirby to dig through cotton blocks and destroy crystal blocks, revealing doorways and Beads. It also allows Kirby to cling on walls and ceilings of cotton.
Dolphin This transformation only occurs in water. It allows Kirby to travel faster than in Submarine transformation, and he can also use a powerful surge attack. He can also swim up waterfalls, jump out of the water, jump through hoops and bounce balls on his nose.
Fire Engine This allows Kirby to put out enemies on fire, as well as temporarily turn lava into solid platforms.
Fire Engine
Off-Roader This allows Kirby to travel faster and jump even higher than in car form. Kirby can grab Power-Ups on the way, which make him go faster and give him the ability to break through blocks.
Rocket Kirby can fly around, as well as defeat enemies/mid-bosses by shooting star-like projectiles at them.
Saucer Kirby pilots a UFO that is able to absorb enemies. After absorbing three enemies, Kirby can blast out an attack that destroys nearly everything on the screen.
Spin Boarder Kirby can surf or snowboard, as well as jump high while doing so. He can grab a pair of wings that increases the height and distance of his next jump.
Spin Boarder
Star Shooter Kirby can fly and shoot stars at a horizontal position.
Star Shooter
Star Shooter
Tankbot Kirby becomes a giant round tank, allowing him to hover a short distance, as well as shoot missiles. When there are two players, the tank gets a boxing glove, which is controlled by the player that did not grab its Metamortex
Train Kirby becomes a train that can ride on tracks, allowing him to reach new, higher areas he couldn't reach with a jump. The tracks are drawn by the player.

Worlds and their Levels

The world, Quilty Square, can be accessed from the start of the game, however in other worlds, to reach the next level, one must receive the Area Patch that corresponds to that level.

Quilty Square

Grass Land

Hot Land

Treat Land

Water Land

Snow Land

Space Land

Dream Land

Major Characters




Note: All enemies names will be written in PLURAL not singular. Blue Comets and Red Meteors are not mentioned as enemies, however, since they have the ability to hurt Kirby if touched, then they can be classified as enemies. The enemies that have "Mariner", "Soldier", or "Waddle Dee" in their names are identical to the real ones, however, they are all sub-species since they perform differently. For instance, Missile Waddle Dees are different from regular Waddle Dees since they throw missiles, while Cannon Soldiers can be different from Sword Soldiers since one wields a sword and one wields a cannon as a head. However, all this is not mentioned.


Common Obstacles/Hazards

Helpful Obstacles

Harmful Obstacles

Neither Helpful nor Harmful obstacles



  • Kirby's Epic Yarn was rated so good that its critical reception was the most positive out of all Kirby games.
  • Instead of saying "Grass feels like pants," at the intro of the North American version of the game, Kirby says "Grass feels like trousers" in the European version of the game.
  • Kirby's Epic Yarn and Yoshi's Story are very similar to one another. The early levels in Yoshi's Story, as well as the whole game in Kirby's Epic Yarn are made of crafts materials. Both games are the first of their series to go onto a current generation console.
  • This is the first game since Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards where Kirby's voice is heard on a current generation console outside of the Super Smash Bros. series.
  • Meta Knight's mask does not fall off after he is defeated. His eyes flash from purple to yellow to show that he is being controlled by Yin-Yarn.
  • This is the second Kirby game where currency is used, the other being Kirby Super Star Ultra.
  • This is the first Kirby game to have a narration, as well as captions.
  • Kirby's Epic Yarn is one of the few Kirby games to lack Copy Abilities.
  • Kirby does not get a snorkel when he enters water in this game, much like in Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards.
  • Kirby's Epic Yarn is one of, or if not, the only Kirby game where the Warp Star is not present at all.
  • One of the many fabrics that Kirby can collect is called the "Fabricom fabric". This fabric features many Fabricom designs and is obviously a reference to the game console.
  • This game is the only game so far to have an ability for underwater purposes.
  • This game is one of the few Kirby games where completing the sub-games is required for 100% completion. The other games that feature this include Kirby's Dream Land 2 and Kirby's Dream Land 3.
  • Kirby's yarn whip greatly resembles the Whip Copy Ability in Kirby's Return to Dream Land.

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