Koopa Cape-1-

Koopa Cape.


Koopa Troopa doing a stunt in Koopa Cape.

Koopa Cape is a course in Mario Kart Wii. It is named after Koopa Troopa. It is a place filled with nothing but jumps and water. Two Goombas appear on the track, that spin you out, if you touch them. A river and waterfall appear in this level too. Giant Koopa Shells make pathways for other racers and you. As you begin the race, you'll start going straight. You'll come to a jump going across a waterfall. You can do a stunt in the air. When you land, you enter a cave. There are boost pads here and two Goombas. A small jump is on your left. You can take it and do a stunt, but sometimes you can fall into the water. That means you must be rescued by Lakitu, which wastes time. As you exit the cave, you'll see a part going upwards on you're right. Good for some drifting. The part follows a very sharp turn left. As you turn, you'll go on a boost pad, which leads to the river going through the forest. Driving on the river increases your speed, but is hard to turn on. Giant Koopa Shells are on the banks of rivers. They have roads going through their openings, which you can take. The roads have Item Boxes on them too. Soon the river makes a turn and disappears (its really going downward). When you go down you'll enter a glass tube that is underwater. The player will see Cheep-Cheeps and Unagi Eels as he drives through the underwater glass tube. You can easily drift on its turns of the tube. Boost Pads are in here. Near the exit, are two spinning things that shrink you if you touch them. A boost pad is near the end. You can do an extremely cool stunt before landing outside. You'll then see a giant waterfall that looks like Niagara Falls. The falls even sound like Niagara Falls! Don't drive on the falls, because you'll almost always fall into the water, having to be rescued by Lakitu. Drive on the paths going upwards as you turn right. After that you'll see the finish lines. Congratulations! You're ready for your second lap!


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