Yarn kracko

This is a picture of Kracko in Cloud Palace of Kirby's Epic Yarn.

Kracko is an enemy and a minor boss in Kirby's Epic Yarn. He is a giant cloud with a large eye in the middle. Kracko usually 12 spikes portruding out of his cloud body. The lower half of his cloud body is pink and the upper half of his cloud body is blue/light blue. Kracko is a major boss in many other Kirby games. However, in Kirby's Epic Yarn, Kracko looks exactly the same except that he is made of yarn by Yin-Yarn and has a large blue button eye. Kracko makes his only appearance in Cloud Palace of Dream Land. Halfway through the level, Kracko shows up and releases a lightning attack as he moves. He chases Kirby and Prince Fluff for a short period of time. If the heroes touch Kracko's attack, they will take damage and lose Beads most likely. This is when Kracko behaves much like an invincible enemy in the game. Later on Kirby and Prince Fluff enter their Star Shooter form, they begin to encounter swarms of Kracko's minions, Li'l Krackos, hinting the boss' reappearance. Near the end of the level, Kracko appears once more, behaving much like a minor boss would. Kracko attacks by simply sending out swarms of Li'l Krackos in groups of three each to ram into Kirby and Prince Fluff. He also will sometimes surround himself electricity and charge across the screen. To defeat Kracko, Kirby and Prince Fluff must simply shoot star projectiles at it. After being shot a certain amount of times, Kracko shrinks. He then begins to send out more Li'l Krackos, but also uses another attack where he creates a cylindrical ray of electricity and rotates himself. After being shot some more times, Kracko shrinks again. He then continues to send out more Li'l Krackos after Kirby and Prince Fluff, but also now uses a large powerful, lightning-beam attack that goes straight across the screen. The attack can be dodged by moving up or down however. After being shot some more times, Kracko explodes into yarn pieces and is defeated. There is a similar relative of Kracko that appears in Outer Rings of Space Land also as a minor boss. He is known as Space Kracko


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