Lego Star Wars the Complete Saga is a game by Lucasarts ltd. and Lego tm. In this game, the player plays as a Lego minifigure (the Lego name for a person's figure). The player must play through levels based on scenes from the Star Wars movies. The player must fight their way through different enemies, solve simple puzzles, and collect studs (the Lego version of money), minikits (parts that, when all ten are collected, form a full vehicle form the Star Wars saga), Power Bricks, which are used to unlock different extras (explained below), and finish the level with "Super Jedi Status", which is when the character collects the varying high score of studs in a level. Some levels include vehicle missions, where, obviously, the character uses different vehicles from the Star Wars saga. The levels come in 2 forms. The first is the "Story Mode", which is when the player must play as a certain character from that scene in the movies. These kinds of levels include cutscenes. The second is "Free Play", where the player is able to switch between the different characters they unlock, hero or villian. There is a hub, which is the place where the player's characters hangout when they aren't on missions. In Lego Star Wars the Complete Saga, the hub is the Mos Eisley Cantina from Star Wars Episode IV A New Hope. In the hub, the player can do many things. The player can access the levels they have unlocked, they can collect more studs, they can find some of their other characters, and play bonus missions. Another thing the player can do is go to the shop. At the shop the player can buy many things (with the studs that the player has collected), like hints for gameplay, new characters you unlock by playing through levels or by doing special tasks, more golden bricks (which will be explained next), extras, which are like cheats that can be turned on at the pause menu, and cutscene clips can be viewed again at the shops. Also the player must collect gold bricks to finish the game. Gold bricks are collected by doing different tasks, like getting "Super Jedi Status", getting all 10 minikits in a level, and doing other achievements. When fully collected, the bricks form a (spoiler alert!!) stud fountain, which continuously spits out studs. There are 160 different gold bricks to collect. Also, there is 4 different kinds of studs, silver (the smallest, worth only 10 points), gold (worth 100 points), blue (worth 1,000 points), and purple (worth a massive 10,000 points!! This kind is EXTREMELY rare, and is much more commonly found in the vehicle bonus missions).

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