KEY- Li'l Kracko

Kirby defeats swarms of Li'l Krackos in Cloud Palace of Kirby's Epic Yarn.

Li'l Krackos, also known as Co-Krackos, are enemies in Kirby's Epic Yarn. They are the minions or perhaps offspring of Kracko. Li'l Krackos look everything in their master/father except that they have four spikes instead of twelve portruding out of their body, and are much smaller. Li'l Krackos, as well as Kracko, make their only appearance in Cloud Palace of Dream Land. Here, they appear near the end of the level where Kirby and Prince Fluff have transformed into their Star Shooter form. Li'l Krackos attack the heroes by simply trying to ram into them. However, they are very weak enemies and can be defeated with one to two shots from Kirby or Prince Fluff while in Star Shooter form. Li'l Krackos then reappear during the boss fight with Kracko, where Kracko spawns them in groups of three to go after the heroes. During the boss fight, they are more of a disturbance to Kirby and Prince Fluff so that Kracko can get a change to charge up a powerful attack to use on the heroes. Once Kracko is defeated, no more Li'l Krackos show up in the game afterwards. In the game, Li'l Krackos are said to be "Krackos in training". 


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