The inside of the Library.

The Library is an area on the Comet Observatory in Super Mario Galaxy. Even though it is not a Dome or area with access to galaxies (for example The Gate or Planet of Trials), it can be entered. The Library is shaped like a bookcase that sits next to the Bedroom. Inside, there is a small lit fireplace, several bookcases, a mantlepiece above the fireplace with several pictures on it, a large brown/red rug with star designs on it, two ottomans (one red and a smaller cream colored one), and a large green rocking chair with a storybook on it. The first time a new chapter is unlocked in the storybook, Rosalina will be here to read the story to Mario/Luigi and the Lumas. Afterwards, the player can come back to the Library to read the story again at his/her leisure. The Library makes a brief appearance at the end of Super Mario Galaxy 2 where Rosalina reads to the Lumas about the game and the Green Power Stars. Even though not mentioned, Rosalina's Storybook tells the story Rosalina's life and how she came to live on the Comet Observatory with the Lumas. 

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