A Life Shroom.

Life Mushrooms are items that appear in Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2. They are bright red Mushrooms with yellow stars on their heads.They seem to work like 1up Mushrooms, but aren't exactly 1up Mushrooms. Also like 1-Up Mushrooms, Life Mushrooms can be hidden in random places usually but can also be found in the player's path. In Super Mario Galaxy, when Mario/Luigi collects a Life Mushroom, Mario's maximum life energy on the Health Meter will go from three wedges to six. If Mario takes damage three times, his life energy will go back to three and will remain three until another Life Mushroom is collected. Collecting a Life Mushroom while within the 4-6 wedges of health will refill Mario's/Luigi's back to six. So, if Mario/Luigi has 4 or 5 wedges left, and they collect a Life Mushroom, their Health Meter will refill back up to 6 wedges. In Super Mario Galaxy 2, Life Mushrooms behave the same way they did in the previous game. However, they are more common. When you get a Life Mushroom and your life energy is at six, you will receive a 1up instead. However, if Mario/Luigi has 4 or 5 wedges of health and they collect a Life Mushroom (in Super Mario Galaxy 2), their Health Meter will instead refill back up to 6 wedges of health. Life Mushrooms can be bought for thirty Star Bits at the Luma Shop in both games.



  • When a Life Mushroom is collected in either Super Mario Galaxy or Super Mario Galaxy 2, the sound effect heard is the first six notes of the Super Mario Bros. overworld theme.

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