Loopdeeswoop Galaxy-1-

"The Galaxy's Greatest Wave" mission of the Loopdeeswoop Galaxy.

The Loopdeeswoop Galaxy is a galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy. It is one of the three Trial Galaxies. It is extremely similar to the Loopdeeloop Galaxy, but it is more challenging and complicated due to its narrow waterways and the hard turns. There is a fair amount of 1up Mushrooms which will compensate for the narrow waterways and hard turns. There are also spots with intense speed such as a Loop, and steep dives. To unlock this galaxy, beat "Luigi Under the Saucer" of the Battlerock Galaxy, "The Secret of Buoy Base" of the Buoy Base Galaxy, and "Treasure of the Pyramid" of the Dusty Dune Galaxy.


Loopdeeswoop Planet


The Loopdeeswoop Planet.

This is a very large and watery racetrack for Ray Surfing. It contains fish, large hoops, flags, and a golden hoop that serves as a finish and starting line. This hoop resembles a Shine Sprite from Super Mario Sunshine. It starts out narrow, and then takes two sharp turns. At the yellow hoops it goes down one large slope and two smaller slopes. Then at the red hoops, it takes a curve upwards and gets very narrow. At the blue hoops, is stays narrow and then does a loop. After that it goes down a very large slope and then takes a tight curve to the finish line.

Central Platforms These platforms are located near the center of the galaxy. There are three platforms in total, that form a triangle. One of these platforms, Mario starts on, another has Coach, and the third one has Penguins and a Sling Star (see below).

Other platforms

These are two other platforms accessed through the Sling Star with another Sling Star on them and a Penguin or two congratulating Mario. They are dotted around the course.


The Galaxy's Greatest Wave


Mario riding the Manta Ray.

Mario must complete the track in only three minutes to get the Power Star from the Coach. If Mario finishes under 1:30 and doesn't talk to the Coach, back where the younger Penguins are, there will be a Sling Star where Mario can go around the galaxy to get a large amount of Star Bits


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