Ludwig NSMBWii-1-

Ludwig von Koopa.


Ludwig von Koopa's first battle in the fortress.

Mario vs Ludwig2-1-

Ludwig's second battle in the castle.

Ludwig von Koopa is a boss in New Super Mario Bros. Wii. He is one of Bowser's eight children. He is more cruel and powerful than any other Koopaling. Ludwig has blue, genuis-like hair. He is the oldest of all the Koopalings. Ludwig is the boss of World 7 (NSMB Wii). He is the last Koopaling to be fought in the game. In the fortress, the battle takes place on a straight piece of land surrounded by two pits. When Ludwig sees Mario he is shocked, but turns back and laughs. He laughs probably because Mario doesn't know he could do the Flutter Jump (Yoshi's jump). He says "Oh?" and then the battle begins. During battle, before you can reach him Ludwig will cast a spell from his scepter. Ludwig is the fastest Koopaling to cast a spell. The spell slowly homes in on Mario. After that, he jumps high, and flutter jumps to stomp on the player. When he lands, (if the player has not been stomped) he casts another spell. Like other Koopalings, when jumped on, he retreats to his shell and starts spinning. When stomped on three times, he is defeated, and goes to the castle. In the castle are rising platforms activated by Kamek. the platforms rise up and down. Mario can lose a life by falling off underneath the platform. Here Ludwig's spells no longer home in on Mario but split in 4. Ludwig uses his Flutter Jump to get to different platforms. It is difficult to tell which platform he lands on. When Ludwig is hit, he spins only on the platform he is on. After being hit twice, he shoots another set of spells after his first set. By hitting Ludwig again, will defeat him and a key will appear. You can now access World 8 (NSMB Wii). Ludwig, however, survived the battle. He was seen with other Koopalings, helping Bowser get up. However, the castle fell on all of them.

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