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Luigi Circuit

Luigi Circuit is a course in Mario Kart Wii. It is an oval shaped NASCAR track. The only thing is it has toadstools and Warp Pipes. If you try to leave the course you will hit a fence. The course features an audience of Shy Guys, Boos and more on bleachers, watching you. A pit stop is on the track with a garage, but cannot be accessed. A giant, Luigi cap is above the bleachers. The race begins with a massive stand of Miis cheering for the player with Luigi's hat emblem from the Mario Kart 64 version of the track. As you start driving, once the race begins, you will pass the garage on your right. At the end of the first straight road, you will pass a giant statue of Luigi, with Mii's standing on it. When playing as a Mii, the Luigi statue's head is replaced with a Mii's head. After the first, non-boosted turn, racers will see the Cheep-Cheep balloon. on the right. The final turn is around a massive set of bleachers. Lots of Boost Pads on it. The last part is a short, straight road that leads to the finish line. Magnificent! Youre ready for your second lap! This course does not have any hazards, so you do not need to freak out.

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